MixMeister Crashing at Launch

MixMeister customers might encounter issues where the software crashes upon launch. Here are steps to follow to resolve this issue:

How to Resolve (Mac only):

1. Uninstall MixMeister:

   - Use App Cleaner to completely remove the program. [Download App Cleaner]

   - [Watch a tutorial on using App Cleaner]

2. Reset VRAM and PRAM on Mac:

   - Reset your Mac's VRAM and PRAM. [Tutorial: Resetting VRAM and PRAM]

3. Reinstall MixMeister:

   - Restart your Mac after completing the above steps.

   - Reinstall MixMeister software.

MixMeister Crashing When Importing Library

MixMeister customers might also face crashes when the software scans the library during import. Here are steps to resolve this issue:

How to Resolve:

For Windows Users:

1. Navigate to: `C:\Users\YourUsername\Documents\MixMeister Express\Library`

2. Locate the specific problematic .mxm file.

3. Delete the identified .mxm file.

4. Launch MixMeister and re-import the library.

For macOS Users:

1. Go to: `/Users/YourUsername/Documents/MixMeister Express/Library`

2. Find the .mxm file linked to the library causing the crash.

3. Delete the identified .mxm file.

4. Launch MixMeister and import the library again.

Other ways to find locate these files:

If you cannot find these files you can always try to search directly for these files. 


1. Open File Explorer: Click on the File Explorer icon in the taskbar or press `Win + E`.

2. Navigate to the Location: Go to the directory where you suspect the .mxm files might be or start from a higher directory like `C:\`.

3. Use the Search Bar:

   - At the top right corner of File Explorer, you'll find a search bar.

   - Type `*.mxm` and press `Enter`.

   - This search syntax (`*.mxm`) will locate all files with the .mxm extension in the current directory and its subfolders.

4. Identify and Delete: Locate the specific .mxm file causing the issue and delete it.


1. Open Spotlight Search: Press `Command (⌘) + Space` to open Spotlight Search.

2. Type the Search Query: Enter `kind:other .mxm` (including the space before ".mxm") in the Spotlight search bar.

   - This query will search for all files with the .mxm extension.

3. Identify and Delete: Find the specific .mxm file associated with the problematic library and delete it.

Deleting the problematic .mxm file prompts MixMeister to rescan and potentially resolves the issue during library import.

If you continue experiencing difficulties or encounter other issues, please contact technical support. Providing screenshots of the errors or issues observed will assist our support team in offering more accurate assistance.